Food Tours Are A Great Foodie Activity No Matter Where You Travel!

on July 31, 2014


Food Tours Are fun and informative ways to see and experience a town. Once you have experienced the food tour, you may find that you are searching for a tour everywhere you travel.

Food is one of those things in  life that brings back memories and emotions from your experiences. More than other activities on vacation, the food you eat triggers memories of that special occasion. After a Vail Food tour, the next time you eat tuna tartar, you will inevitably reminisce about the wonderful tuna you ate at the most unlikely of spots, a bowling alley in Vail called Bol.


We all live life and share our experiences while in the presence of food. Whether it is having a cup of Latte while chatting with a girlfriend or on a lunch break with coworkers or family gatherings at a barbeque, almost all of our experiences have some kind of relationship with the food.

Vacations have become even more food focused over the last decade. With the likes of Anthony Bourdain, the Travel Chanel and The Food Network have taken people on adventures around the world in search of the unique and surprising cuisine that defines towns and countries. One major reason that my Wife and I travel is to sample the un-Americanized versions of the food that we love. Thai food in Thailand is definitely worth the trip as well as Italian food in Italy.

Although the cuisine in the namesake Mother country can be a mind blowing experience, we also have great regional and international cuisine and innovation right here in the good old United States. Vail Valley Food Tours prides itself in showcasing the internationally inspired but locally grown gourmet cuisine of Colorado. The restaurants of Vail showcase our love for the outdoors and fun adventurous lifestyle. From the Rocky Mountain foraged wild Porcini mushrooms that grace the plates of places like La Bottega in their house made raviolis, to Locally grown lettuces in La Tour’s salads, we can taste the dedication to the local Colorado heritage.


Only by going on a Food Tour will you get this knowledge of the culinary history of a town shown to you in a way that you can taste. Once the food hits your palate you will remember those mountain foraged delights and it will trigger those memories every time you taste something similar. This trigger will hopefully bring you back to visit Vail again. I know that I can’t wait to go to Charleston for some Shrimp and Grits, or back to Louisiana for some more Crawfish!

Food tours can be great Group Activities for much of the same reasons. First, the group needs a social activity. A food tour allows for time to be social and chat. Not all rafting or biking adventures allow for such a social time. Second, We all need to eat. Why not enjoy a 6 course lunch? It is vacation after all! And Thirdly, Those memories that are created on the tour will last the group forever.

labottega family

Vail Valley Food Tours has friends everywhere who do Foodie adventures for you to enjoy. To the right is a short list of some of these wonderful guides that will show you their area’s cuisine and what makes them special.

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