Fun Things to do in Vail this Winter

on February 1, 2016

Although Skiing is the top attraction during winter, there are many other Fun things to do in the Vail area. Not everyone that visits Vail is in need of high excitement or has the ability to ski every day, so, fortunately for them, this town offers a little bit of everything to help our guests enjoy the Mountain lifestyle and Colorado attitude. Here is a list of some great activities, both during the ski hours and after, that you may enjoy.

Please excuse the little self promotion but we find that what we do at Vail Valley Food Tours is a great option and has proven to be true so far!

Things to Do!

  1. Food Tour! : Whether you are a foodie or not this activity has become one of the best rated things to do in Vail. You are on Vacation and everything is Calorie Free at Altitude! A food tour offers a gourmet lunch at some of the best local restaurants in town. Not just at one restaurant, but you get to sample plates and sometimes cocktails at at least 5 different ones!. The Guides at Vail Valley Food Tours will show you the town and tell stories of the history as well as the stories behind the Chefs and their great food. Every mouth watering bite becomes ingrained in your memory as you ponder your next visit to our town.

    Lobster at La Tour Vail

    Lobster in The Mountains.

  2. Brew Tours:  Vail Valley’s newest thing to do. Colorado is the craft beer capitol of the world and Vail is a shining star! We have 4 breweries and at least that many distilleries to enjoy. This Apres Brew tour will give you the ability to drink like a Local and still arrive home safely since the transportation is included! Our guides will drive you to the home tasting rooms of at least 3 breweries where you can see the brewing in action and sample their great beers.brew tour at bonfire
  3. Apres Ski: Speaking about food and drink……The Apres scene is alive and well in Vail. Most restaurants offer discounts on libations for a couple of hours in the early afternoon. Some Iconic places, like the Red Lion, also offer entertaining musicians and local flare. Check out all of the different bars an restaurants in Beaver Creek as well! We like to call it the “Birds of Apres” when you hit as many of the Beaver Creek happy hours as you can before 6 pm. Don’t forget to try the Lemoncello!

    Apres in Beaver Creek

    Beer Time!

  4. Ice Skating: It may not be as easy as it looked on t.v. but that just makes it entertaining for the spectators as well. Each village has an ice rink and a skate rental program for every ability. You can try your skills or just cozy up by the fire pit and watch the fun from the sidelines. Dobson Ice Arena also has skating and offers some stick time as well. If you are a Hockey player, they offer open stick and skate times throughout the week. This is a great opportunity to get a little exercise when the mountain is too cold or crowded.

    icerink at Solaris

    Fresh ice!

  5. Hot Springs: Vail does not have any but if you are willing to take the 45 min drive west, you will wind up in Glenwood Springs. The old hot spring and Vapor cave will greet you when you arrive. This place is great for the kids since it is more like a rec-center and has a water slide. If you want to go a little more upscale then try out Iron Mountain hot springs. This is the newer facility which has some great pools for soaking. As a bonus, this drive is one of the area’s prettiest, going through Glenwood Canyon of the Colorado River!
  6. Walking Mountains: This is our local Nature Center, located in Avon. Here you can explore the nature that surrounds us in the Mountains. They offer numerous courses and activities for both children and adults. Check their website for more info.
  7. Bowling: Our valley has 2 bowling alleys, Bol and the Back Bowl. Bol is in the heart of Vail and is our higher end, ultra-modern bowling alley. This place is Incredible and offers 10 lanes, Amazing food and great cocktails. This is the place to go when you want to entertain your kids and still have a great meal. The Apres scene is fun as well and D. Js spin tunes throughout the evenings. Just walk in and you will be impressed. The Back Bowl is in Eagle and offers a more local flare. Good food, league night, and varying nighttime entertainment.Bol Vail
  8. Spa: With all of the activity and stress of your regular work week, why not take a little time for yourself to be pampered? Both Vail and Beaver  Creek have world class Spas. Here you can relax with an assortment of treatments and Massages. You can work out, Climb walls, soak, steam, stretch and just plain relax without interruption. Some of the best are The Vitality Center, Aria and Allegria.

    Vail Athletic club


  9. Movies:  Maybe not the thing you want to do while in this fantastic outdoor world but sometimes just what the doctor ordered when the weather turns or the kids just need some quiet time. Cinebistro has three big screens, comfy seats and serves good food and more importantly, Alcohol! Relax with a bottle of wine and enjoy the show!
  10. Art Tour: The Town of Vail offers a free art walk on Wednesdays. There is so much public art in town that the Curator of the town’s art gives a free tour to show you what you have been taking for granted.Singleton statue

This is a short list but definitely not a complete one. Vail is a growing town with many options for things to do at every ability level. All you have to do is arrive safely and be open to explore your options. Almost everyone needs a day off the mountain. Explore all of the wonderful activities while you are here in Vail.


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