Labor Day Weekend of Food, Beer and Music in Vail

on September 2, 2016

Labor Day weekend in the Vail valley is a virtual cornucopia of Food, Beer and live Music. There will be so much food and booze that you will think that you were crashing a Kardashian wedding! Besides finding a safe way home (Ride Taxi), your only decisions this weekend should be based upon how much you can consume.  Although three separate events are all going on at roughly the same time, you may be able to catch some of the best food and libations at each with a little fancy footwork and some guided determination. If you want to learn how to get the most out of this weekend and do a little valley shuffle then here are the details.

This Weekend brings the Beaver Creek Octoberfest into its 17th year of beer gardens, bratwurst and Family fun. There will be plenty of good eats from many of our local restaurants like Revolution and the Dusty Boot. Also, Alpenrose restaurant will usually show up with their fabulous strudels and pastries. Music from our local Legend Helmut Fricker will ring throughout the village each day along with a couple of cover bands. A Tom Petty tribute band plays Saturday and a Rolling Stone band plays Sunday.

Beaver Creek Octoberfest

Beaver Creek Octoberfest

The Gourmet on Gore will be happening in the Vail Village this weekend. This is a nice open tent eating and drinking extravaganza in Vail. The street will be lined with tents from our local Vail restaurants and sponsored alcohol partners for your tasting pleasure. This is a pay as you go event for tasting and drinking. They also have a brunch on Monday morning and Free Yoga on Saturday. The Brunch is a similar format to the other days events.

Gourmet on Gore

Gourmet on Gore

Vail Jazz festival is also this weekend. This event always brings in some great names in Jazz like the Clayton Brothers and Jeff Hamilton. This event also helps to support our youth through jazz music. They run jazz education classes for talented kids as well as jazz introduction and history at our local elementary schools. Besides for the amazing jam sessions, the event also hosts an amazing and uplifting Gospel prayer session with Niki Harris on Sunday morning. Not to be missed!

So with all of this going on, How do you get the most out of your day? Being a guide, I see a path. This will be better achieved with a D.D. but is possible with a taxi or bus. Please do not drink and drive.


  1. Start Saturday off with a little Free Yoga, at the Solaris in Vail, from 9am till 10.
  2. Roll up the mat, grab a coffee at Yetti’s Grind and start perusing the food tents at Gourmet on Gore. (you will want to ask questions and decide where you want to eat and drink when they open)
  3. Eat and drink your favorites from the tents until about 12:30 pm.
  4. Head to Lionshead via the bus and catch the Jazz at Vail Square at 12:40 ish.
  5. Catch a ride to Beaver Creek sometime between 3 and 4.
  6. Enjoy the beer gardens food and music until it closes at 6pm.
  7. Catch a ride back to Vail and catch some more Jazz at the Vail Marriott ballroom.
  8. Crawl home


  1. Start out with a little Sunday morning Gospel with Niki Harris at Vail Square.
  2. Now that your feeling alive……Go for a run. There is a 5k/10k at beaver creek. You may be late due to the Gospel but no one really wins at these family runs so being late shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. You probably need a Beer so grab a few at the beer garden and listen to a little music.
  4. Head back to Vail for some of those deserts you missed from the day before at the Gourmet on Gore or stay and listen to some Rolling Stones music.
  5. If you choose to head back to Vail you probably need to just sit by Gore Creek and enjoy the scene for a while.
  6. Head back over to the Marriott for some evening Jazz
  7. Pass out on your face


  1. Recovery brunch on Bridge Street. Eat and drink that hangover away!
  2. Go listen to more Jazz or find a nice shady spot and take a nap.

There you go! An Amazing weekend of fine food, drink, and live music.  You have filled both your bellies and soul.  Vail’s Labor Day weekend will be sure to impress, create lasting memories. (depending on consumption), and leave you with that feeling of fullness you will not soon forget. With so much going on this weekend, you have to get out, choose wisely and make the most of it.



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