New Season, New beginnings, New Restaurants in Vail!

on December 16, 2015

The New Season has begun! The snow has fallen, as predicted, and our selfish passion to go fast on the fluffy snow now has some release. That Passion to fly on a frozen cloud will drive us into the New Year with warm hearts, cold noses and a raging thirst for great libations!  The holidays are upon us and even our bellies know that all is Calorie Free at Altitude! So why not have another plate? Lucky for us we now have a few New restaurants in Vail to help you fill that growing void.

If you want to mingle with a sophisticated crowd and enjoy the finer things in life then head over to the Root & Flower bar on Wall Street in Vail village.  Even if you just want to get drunk on wine during the daylight hours, this is the place!

Affectionately called the Orphanage by the 3 owners, Root & Flower came into existence from the ashes of another local talent factory called Restaurant Kelly Liken. Kelly sold off her space and left her staff lost and alone. Like other great locals before them, since this scenario is nothing new, they fled out on their own with a new passion for their existence.

Root and Flower restaurant

Root and Flower

Root and Flower serves paninis, soups, salumis, cheeses, and some of the great wines of the world to Quaff till ones content. The offer catering as well as wine and spirit classes to improve your drinking skills and your probability of hanging with the elite.

Speaking of Chef Kelly Liken….. Her old restaurant has been re-vamped into a new Champagne Brunch and Steak frites place. Called Vintage, this restaurant came in with a storm and embraces our day drinking public. Now you can get that Sunday fun-day brunch feel any day of the week. This is vacation-ville after all and everyday should be enjoyed like a weekend!

Vintage restaurant Vail

Vintage style

The also serve up a mean Steak frites at dinner time. Located in the Gateway building by the main Vail roundabout.

Kelly has moved on to the outskirts of Edwards where she has taken over Balatta Restaurant on the Sonnenalp golf course in Singletree. Being that this is a recent move, we will wait and see what this celebrity chef will transform the old and outdated space into. It will surely impress and delight the masses in the coming months.

Annapurna Nepalese and Indian food, located in the Evergreen Lodge, will hopefully fill that curry niche. The concept is not new to the valley but has never lasted long. Hopefully this New Beginning in Vail will shine. I personally love Indian food and I plan on being a regular. Mango Lassies and all!

Annapurna Restaurant Vail

New Nepalese and Indian Cuisine

Crespelle crepes Is in the process of moving to the top of Bridge Street. In its former location, the Clock Tower  building, will be another new restaurant. I am not yet sure of the name but I am sure it will be a welcome addition to our growing town.

Crespelle restaurant


No matter what type of food you are craving after a day of skiing, Vail has it all! Right beside some of our shining stars that have been here for 40 years or more come some new and inspired local Restaurants to help feed the hungry masses. This winter season and New Year should start with a Delicious bang!

To all the new restaurant owners, we wish you all the best and happy New Beginnings!



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