Top Restaurant dishes in Vail are a Must Have for visitors.

on December 31, 2014

The Vail area restaurants offer a wide variety of food. Each restaurant has a unique or top rated dish that sets them apart from other similar restaurants. A T.V. show called the Local Dish, starring my friend Tracy Miller, on our local channel T.V8, is based upon this concept. She interviews the chefs and showcases one dish that the restaurant considers to be their signature.

When I worked as the Sous Chef at Toscanini Restaurant in Beaver Creek, the former host, Eric, did my interview. That t.v. segment still airs sometimes and shows us making gnocchi and pairing it with lamb T-bones. A delicious dish but I still think that our Veal Bolognese was the top selling and most coveted dish on the menu.

Sometimes it is all about opinion. Below is , in my opinion, the top dish at some of my favorite restaurants in Vail.

Whether you are a local or just on vacation visiting the valley and wind up eating at any of these restaurants, these dishes are not to be missed.

Terra Bistro: Grilled Australian Wagyu Tri-tip with cauliflower puree, rosti potato, wilted arugula, maytag blue cheese  and a black garlic zinfandel reduction.  Along with the high quality beef, this dish has a zinfandel reduction that takes about 8 bottles and reduces it down to a slightly tangy 1quart. Complimenting the other components perfectly.

La Tour: French onion soup. Might seem unimpressive but with beef short rib, garlic crouton and  grantineed truffle cheese, this is the best version I have ever had.


Bol: Eaton Ranch Burger. The meat comes from about 15 miles away. Raised on the Eaton Ranch. Earl Eaton was one of the founding fathers of Vail and his legacy lives on with this home grown beef. Complimented by some sugar cured bacon, white cheddar and all of the fixings.

Eaton Ranch Burger and Vegas Cocktail

The Blu Cow: The Swiss Hot dog. This Iconic dog has been around since the 60’s. Two veal and pork brats with an Austrian curry, mustard and sprouts on a nice French roll. Delicious!

Fuzziwiigs: Sea Salt Caramel. This modern treat is made in house and can not be missed.


La Bottega; Truffle Parmesan Gnocchi. I have made plenty of gnocchi in my day but I have never tasted any lighter in texture or richer in flavor.

truffle gnocchi

Alpenrose: Pastries, Pastries and Pastries. such a Variety made fresh and all delicious. A must for any sweet tooth.

Alpenrose sweets

Yetti”s Grind: Batter Cupcakes. Although just sold here Batter cupcakes are the best in the valley. Many varieties to choose from.

Moes BBQ: Pulled Pork Bama Style

Moes BBQ

Kelly Liken: Colorado Lamb Duo, pan roasted leg, house made sausage crepinette, white bean cassoulet, local greens, rosemary lamb jus. Absolutely delicious! Colorado sourced with southern flare.

Just remember that almost all Vail restaurants are locally owned and operated. We offer a great variety and unmatched quality. Each restaurant mentioned takes pride in what they do so even if you take my suggestions when ordering or not, I am sure that you will have a one of a kind experience in Vail.

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry!





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