Turkey and other Birds of Prey!

on November 23, 2014

La Tour in snow

Thanksgiving is here and so is the snow.  You have had enough time to let the sugar high from Halloween wear off and hopefully you are ready to utilize your ski pass. With the prospect of another epic snow year we can all get a little exercise and fresh air to help work off all of the calories from the impending holiday season.

This means, for us here in the wonderful Beaver Creek area, that it is “Game On” for the 2014-2015 ski season.

The next few months will be filled with indulging in food, powder and ski racing.

If you decide not to cook and want to get your tryptophan from a restaurant or directly through an I.V., then the Vail Valley is offering up some of the finest fare with both the traditional and untraditional options this Thanksgiving Holiday.From Parsnips to Porchetta to organic Yard Bird, there will be no shortage of options.

Terra Bistro will have an amazing assortment of the organic hand crafted cuisine. Mountain Standard will be serving Pork and Lamb, although E.T McCue had a great recipe for Porchetta in the Vail Daily recently.


A great option for those sick of Turkey.  There are even ample Noodles (Nuduru Ramen Bar), Dim Sum (Delite Noodle Bowl), Sushi(Osaki’s), Mexican(Maya) and Italian(La Bottega) options for those people who want to venture into the great melting pot that surrounds us. Why not make this Year special and Give Thanks to the Diversity and World Inspired food that makes America great.

After all, The Pilgrims did Not eat the foods that they were accustomed to but were thankful that they had any at all.

When all of the food comas wear off and leftovers become unbearable, this town will continue on with our adventure filled Ski season.

If you have visited Vail in the last year you should be well aware of the impending World Cup Ski racing event that will be hosted at Beaver Creek this season. Who says ski racing is Dead? Besides almost every snowboarder and freeskiier on the hill. With the likes of Lindsay Vonn and Michaella Shiffrin, our hometown Olympic heros, gracing the news and social media, the dying sport has had an almost rebirth here in America. Europe, I think, still loves the sport, although even there it has lost some traction. But with Vail pampering and promoting the athletes and putting millions into ad campaigns, this Dinosaur of a sport might just survive that mass extinction for yet another year.


Who can blame Vail for keeping the spandex on teenage girls? (Especially the two Beauties already mentioned) And who does not like to watch racing? After all, Pete Seibert knew that to be competitive in the world ski market we would have to support the sport, the athletes and the ever changing fashon associated with it. Bringing on Pepi Gramshammer was the first step in this long tradition. Now Vail even sponsors snowboarders like Shawn White and a few others.  Although, it was probably the most money that Vail and its wealthy shareholders will ever spend on such an unrefined and childish sport like snowboarding. Too pedestrian for the regal ski industry even though skiing would only be half as cool without it. Lets face it, skiing might never have thrived if it weren’t for snowboarding but we will always be the Turkey when the powers that be get hungry. We all know how well that goes for the bird.

So Enjoy the Food, the endless Powder and the skiers in tights this ski season and be Thankful for everything and everyone that make it possible.

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